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Find the tools in the PB CLUB

Your practice needs a high performance

profit engine.

Think of it as a series of vital cogs in your practice.

Each cog represents an essential system. Each individual system is perfectly positioned and fine tuned to interconnect with and drive all the other key pieces. And once it’s in place, you just turn it on and let the magic happen.

You can't build something as good as this through trial and error. This is based on decades of study and experience and it's constantly being updated to reflect the latest advances and ideas. This is a machine that’s tried and tested and works.


It’s the way to build and run a practice that delivers the profit that in turn delivers the security, lifestyle and freedom that its owner always wanted.

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with detailed training videos,

downloadable support material

and optional coaching.

About Us

Practice Building is dedicated to helping Independent Opticians create businesses that are secure, profitable and completely aligned with the life goals of their owners.




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