Get 2020 for £2020!


Get 12 months access to the most comprehensive and best supported business development resource available for UK Independent Optics and save £1280!*​​

*12 regular monthly payments of £275 = £3,300 less £2020 = £1280 saved!

offer ends 24th December


What Does 2020 Look Like For You?

Will you be working flat out all day,

doing paperwork all evening,

and worrying about the bank balance all night?


Don't Make New Years Resolutions!

Make a New Year Plan!


A plan to bring your practice more -

More Patients, More Profits and More Control


So you can have more - 

More Security, More Time and More Fun!

​Get More in 2020 with Practice Building

Bring more new visitors to your door and get them coming back for more!

The home of Prêt Campaigns - Fabulous and Affordable Marketing that is Ready to Go, and a team of Marketing Professionals for when you want bespoke and spectacular!

More in the till is nice, more in the bank at the end of the month is nicer!

Learn and implement the systems that are essential to ensure security in Independent Practice. With video guides, downloads and a coach on hand to help you win.

Build a Practice that runs like clockwork, even when you're not there!

You, your Manager, or both of you will spend a year working with the Practice Building Team every week to train and motivate your team, raise standards and boost profits!

Start 2020 with a bargain

and we'll help you make it a great year

Let Our Experience

Work For You

The Practice Building Coaches have been through it all too!

We are opticians who have built successful and secure practices using Practice Building tools and systems.


And we're very keen to use our experience and knowledge to help you do the same thing.


We speak your language, and we can give you a bespoke set of tools and tailored support, then work with you week by week as you build your perfect practice.

Meet Your Coaches

A specialised team of opticians who are also professional analysts, coaches, trainers and marketeers.


Andy Clark

Practice Building Director

Practice Building Head Coach



Loves to Work On

Strategy, Leadership, Management, Team, Sales

and Marketing

Fay Rice

Practice Building Coach

Dispensing Optician

Independent Practice Owner


Loves to Work On

Life Planning, Profit Planning, Marketing, Retail Systems and Standards.

Rebecca Thompson

Practice Building Coach

Dispensing Optician

Independent Practice Owner


Loves to Work On

Style, Frames, Customer WOW!

Retail Standards and Leading Change


Take your first step towards building

the practice that you've always wanted.


Book a Complimentary Coaching Session and see what we have to offer.



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Practice Building is dedicated to helping Independent Opticians create businesses that are secure, profitable and completely aligned with the life goals of their owners.




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