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should be working hard,

even when you're not.

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Tired of Spinning Your Wheels?

You end up working flat out all day,

doing paperwork all evening, and

worrying about the bank balance all night.


You want to fix it, and there's no end of

advice and training available,

but somehow it just doesn't work for you.


We know how frustrating that can be, and that's why we tailor our expert advice specifically to you. 


Transforming your practice has never been more straightforward and effective.

Let Our Experience

Work For You

The Practice Building Coaches have been through it all too!

We are opticians who have built successful and secure practices using Practice Building tools and systems.


And we're very keen to use our experience and knowledge to help you do the same thing.


We speak your language, and we can give you a bespoke set of tools and tailored support, then work with you week by week as you build your perfect practice.

How Can We Help You?

There is no one-size-fits-all model in developing independent business. You're unique. Your practice is unique. Your patients are unique. And that's why we want to work so closely with you to work out what's best for you, your practice, and your patients.


We have decades of personal experience, the experience of countless others at hand to call upon, and a team of creatives to help you and your practice flourish. 


Click the button,

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Our coaches are happy to tell you about what we offer, and work out how we can help you to develop your practice.




Perfectly Tailored for You.

The fastest way to achieve your goals. Bespoke review, planning and implementation with your own Coach every step of the way.



Learn and Share Experiences

Focus specifically on building your profits with with weekly calls with a Practice Building Coach and a small group of other practice owners.



Agency Quality at a Great Price

You will be able to afford to run marketing campaigns, and promote key messages with your own branding, in your own unique way.



Interactive Learning at its Best

Be educated, engaged and inspired!

Either come to one of our open events or book a bespoke training project for your team.

Meet Your Coaches

A specialised team of opticians who are also professional analysts, coaches, trainers and marketeers.


Andy Clark

Practice Building Director

Practice Building Head Coach



Loves to Work On

Strategy, Leadership, Management, Team, Sales

and Marketing

Fay Rice

Practice Building Coach

Dispensing Optician

Independent Practice Owner


Loves to Work On

Life Planning, Profit Planning, Marketing, Retail Systems and Standards.

Rebecca Thompson

Practice Building Coach

Dispensing Optician

Independent Practice Owner


Loves to Work On

Style, Frames, Customer WOW!

Retail Standards and Leading Change

Amardip Kular

Practice Building Coach


Independent Practice Owner


Loves to Work On

Strategy, Profit, Market Positioning and Empire Building!

A selection of our clients' favourite projects from

The Practice Building Toolbox

Which will you work on first?



Use this essential spreadsheet to record, review and manage the numbers that define your practice's performance.



Implement a customer journey that puts smiles on your patients' faces at every touch point.




Roll out "I Can Help You With That" - our award winning sales system that increases sales AND customer satisfaction scores.



Set standards, develop and motivate your team with The Big M Management development programme.



This customer feedback system raises customer service by getting you the answers that you really need to see.



Create an optimum stock profile to tell you which frame price points are working best for you, and which ones to reduce.



Create a pricing policy and use it to define default frame and lens price lists that deliver a target gross profit.



Stop wasting money on ineffective recall and reliably fill your appointment books when things go slack.




Create a tactical calendar of the messages that will bring you more of the customers that you most want to see.



Engage and involve your team in the success of your practice, by letting them share in the fruits of their labours.



Perfectly match your practice to the needs wants and likes of the people who might visit it, and your most profitable offerings.



A successful frame event not only puts a great deal of cash in your till, it puts your practice on the map as the home of style.



Stop your customers straying elsewhere, and tap into a stream of additional business from your existing database.


When you know the secrets to attracting the best staff you might even be able to get rid of the head hunters!



Create a detailed Master Plan to build the practice and live the life that you have always wanted.




Motivate, train and empower your team, with this award winning programme, that will fit into even your busiest weeks.

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