Treat Your Practice

Like a Patient

Most owners of independent optical practices have never been shown how to look after them properly.


Our tailor-made solutions enable owners to care for their practices as professionally as they care for their patients.


Tell us what's on your mind and we'll help you fix it.

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"When you're a practice owner you can run out of ideas and become demotivated and fearful. There are loads of trainers and coaches out there, but they're all offering the same old solutions and they abandon you to try to make their ideas work on your own.


Practice Building is constantly evolving with our needs, and the needs of the profession, they work with us in planning and make sure that our plans are implemented, keeping us motivated and our businesses growing."


Nishi Maini

Surrey Opticians

Here's how we help...

Success Starts Here!

The Gold Club -

lets you choose the tools, training and support you need to build your ideal practice. We're pretty sure that it's the most comprehensive business building resource available to Independent Optics anywhere.

The Gold Club opens the door to everything else.

Fabulous and Affordable Marketing!

Prêt Campaigns -

give you easy access to some of our most successful marketing messages, in your chosen style and colour scheme and with complete media packs for as little as £99.

Attract new patients and keep them coming back for more with Prêt.

For Repeat Business

VIPx -

inspires your patients to enjoy wearing multiple pairs of spectacles and take the very best care of their eyes with bespoke planned eyecare,

VIPx makes practices more profitable!

PB is for Managers Too!

A Big M Manager -

makes a struggling practice perform, make a demotivated team raise their game, and take the pressure off a tired, overloaded boss.

Every Practice Should Have One!

If you TELL them

they will come!

The Studio -

helps you create bespoke marketing campaigns designed specifically to attract more of your type of patient.

It's time to tell people what they are missing!


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Practice Building is dedicated to helping Independent Opticians create businesses that are secure, profitable and completely aligned with the life goals of their owners.




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