Your practice should be working even when you're not!

Enjoy the security and freedom that comes from owning a thriving, profitable

Independent Optical Practice.

Sign up for a two enjoyable days of training, mentoring and support that is dedicated solely to growing your profits.

You Only Need 7 Systems

Every succesful and truly independent practice has 7 Systems that are running like clockwork, and for your business to thrive you simply must become a Master of them all.

It Starts with a Two Day Workshop

Join us for a two-day experience where we will share the details of all 7 Systems with you so you can build the practice that you really wanted.

An interactive, enjoyable experience.

You probably already know that here at Practice Building we are committed to creating enjoyable interactive training that leaves you with the information and inspiration to go back to your practice and make change happen, and this is no difference. You will have time to talk and think and learn and plan with a team of tutors who are implementing the 7 Systems in Independent Practices all around the world, much to the delight of their clients.


Exciting, enabling and incredibly useful.

It will take me quite a while to digest all of it but there are plenty of improvements we can put into practice immediately. This has made me even more determined to make a big difference to our practice.Thank you so much.

Susan Cook

Learn the 7 Systems.

Together we’ll explore the 7 systems in an engaging, fun and entertaining environment.

We’ll help you identify what’s missing in your practice, learn how to put it right and understand what you need to do to maintain a profitable, secure, switched-on business.


I absolutely loved it!

I am leaving with loads of ideas and enthusiasm! I would recommend this programme to anyone who is wanting to be inspired and have the tools to expand their business.

Kay Muir

Complete your Masterplan with one to one coaching.

Without a plan to implement them even the very best ideas are soon forgotten, and so you will follow up the workshop with a one to one call with a practice Building Coach where we will work with you to create a detailed plan to fully implement all 7 Systems into your practice.


A huge amount of information and advice

I came with the intention of picking up a few tips to develop our business and came away with much much more. The information and advice was delivered with confidence and enthusiasm. I feel inspired!
An excellent two days!

Alison Cooper

Independent Practice Owners can attend for FREE!


Hoya will sponsor your two day workshop, accommodation and your coaching call so you will have nothing to pay!






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