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Fabulous and Affordable Marketing and Recall

​for Independent Opticians.


Available exclusively to PB CLUB members

Do you suffer from the three marketing killers?

No time for marketing  |  No budget for marketing  |  Don't know what say

Prêt Can Help

Prêt Campaigns

Attract new patients.

Prêt Database

Stay in touch to build loyalty and repeat business.

Prêt Recall

Bring them back when it's time for another eye exam.

Get help every step of the way

These campaigns have been created by Practice Building Coaches. Experts in marketing independent practices, they know what works and what doesn't and will be there for you with the guidance and advice you need.


is available exclusively to

PB Club Members

First choose your style from 5 different options

Find the concept that already suits your practice and branding.

They're all ready to be customised for you by our designers

and we'll use it in everything we create for you.

We'll then customise your chosen concept to incorporate your logo and brand colours and ensure that you build a recognisable brand.


Now plan your Prêt Campaigns

Choose your messages and put them on a timeline

We have a large collection of campaigns for you to choose from,

your coach will help you choose the right ones

and show you a step by step guide to rolling them out

  • Spirit of Spring




  • 1



    Style 99 Sun

  • Style 99




  • 1



    Summer of Style £40 off

Then roll out your first multi-platform campaign

We'll help you to choose which media to use.

In Store, in print or online, your campaigns are fully equipped

to reach your customers, wherever they may be


In Store

• A5 leaflets • Posters in 3 sizes



On Line
• Facebook Ads • Google Ads • Emails
• Website Banner



In Print

• Leaflets • Press Ads • Postcards


PRÊT Campaigns

are available exclusively to

PB Club Members

for only £99* per Campaign!

*Essentials pack includes A5 Flyer (2 sided), A5 Postcard (bespoke to CRM), 1x Facebook post, 1x Facebook Cover Image, and 1x Poster (A1, A2 OR A3).

Additional items are available for a small extra fee.

Prêt Database

Build loyalty and repeat business with the people who know you best.


The essential key to database marketing.

Enrol people into your mailing list and keep them engaged and interested between sight tests with targeted mailings.

Invitations to Style Events, TLC Cards, Christmas Promotions, Your eyecare updates...

TLC Cards

A great way to welcome people back into practice on a regular basis.

Calling people back for a little TLC between eye exams increases customer loyalty and stimulates repeat sales.

Style Events

3 Reasons to promote regular style events:

1. They tell the town that you care more than most about making customers look great.

2. They are great team builders.

3. Our average client who follows the system achieves sales of 1.2x a week's sales in a single day!


Christmas is all about friends and loved ones, so it's a perfect time for an elegant database campaign.

The Christmas campaign is a real winner, but you've got to be a customer to find out more!

PRÊT Database

is available exclusively to

PB Club Members

Prêt Recall

Prêt Recall Suite

The boring old letterhead is dead!

Upgrade your recall with attractive but tasteful postcards and/or letters that bring people back.

Seasonal messages which feature a specific month tend to bring people back in that month!

Available in A4, A5 postcard and email format.


PRÊT Recall

is available exclusively to

PB Club Members

Prêt Campaigns

Attract new patients.

Prêt Database

Stay in touch to build loyalty and repeat business.

Prêt Recall

Bring them back when it's time for another eye exam.

Book a Call With a Coach Now

to talk about how effectively you can use Prêt Campaigns
to reach your patients and potential customers.

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