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Who do what they should be doing,

when they should be doing it,

in the way it should be done.

With Rolling Review




... you don’t delegate because it’s quicker to do it yourself.

... the business only works well when you are there.

... your standards and systems are slipping.

... silly mistakes are costing you money and customers.

... your best staff leave, and your worst staff won't go!

... your team just aren’t performing, but you don’t say anything.

... annual appraisals are a lot of effort for little benefit.


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Rolling Review is proven to...

  • Easily integrate into a busy week.
  • Make annual appraisals redundant.
  • Drive individual development.
  • Increase team performance.
  • Increase staff job satisfaction.
  • Turn under-performers around.
  • Be internally driven and delivered.
  • Require minimal financial investment.

"Rolling Review has massively improved engagement with the staff and drawn out some great fresh ideas and positive feedback."


Web Lucas and Stubbs

"Rolling Review allows us and the staff to do reviews in a structured way. That we can then set some goals for them and this gives them something to work on constantly with the feedback and support they need."


Bateman Opticians

"These tools keep us focused and more engaged with the team and sets up a training plan for them."


Surrey Opticians

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