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It's Time To Stand Out


You're Independent, You're Different, You're Unique

You have created something special, you are delivering your own style of optics for the people of your town and your patients love it. But what about all of the other people who would love it too, if only they knew more about who you are and what you do?


You Need To Let People Know What They're Missing

To compete, independent practice owners really need help with marketing strategy, tactics and design from a professional agency, but the prohibitively huge fees that traditional agencies charge mean that they are not an option.


So Let's Invite Them In

The Practice Building Studio is here to help you get your word out - now you can afford to promote your own key messages with your own branding, in your own unique way.

How We Work

First We Create Your Own Unique Branding

Our branding experts will review and where needed redefine your branding, including your logo, fonts, colour palettes and graphic elements.

And a Complete Media Kit

We will create design rules and templates for all the media that you might use, so you can always share a consistent message and ensure that your brand is instantly recognised.

Then Together We Will Make a Plan

|Your coach will work with you to create a timeline of campaigns that will deliver your business goals. A tailored combination of messages, designed to leave people in doubt about why they should choose your practice instead of the rest. Each campaign can be used in store, with your database and to attract new patients.


We'll Create Your First Campaign

We know you’re busy and probably aren’t that turned on by the details of marketing, so the great news here is that when you work with your Practice Building Studio Team of creative director, project manager, designer and copywriter you actually won’t have much to do!

And You'll Roll Out Beautiful Multi-Platform Messages

Whether it is print or digital, in a Facebook ad or on the back of a bus all the media is exactly on-brand and on-message, and you are marketing like a pro!

We know of no better way to attract new customers, build stronger relationships with your existing database and create regular repeat business.

Just a few examples from some of our clients:

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About Us

Practice Building is dedicated to helping Independent Opticians create businesses that are secure, profitable and completely aligned with the life goals of their owners.




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