UVC Frame Sanitiser

aka. "The Steroriser"

The New Solution For Professional Sterilisation


Professional Sterilisation

In response to the current emergency, we are promoting a new device for professional disinfection, suitable for the sanitisation and sterilisation of contaminated objects such as masks, glasses, cases and work tools.


Bactericidal and germicidal UVC lamps ensure effective microbiological elimination, sterilising bacteria and viruses from the objects treated in total autonomy and safety.

Sanitise Your Frames and PPE Quickly and Easily

Product Details:

Sterilises in 5 minutes

Digital timer

Available in Matt Black and Matt White

CE Marked


Philips® UVC Lamps

dimensions: 500x320x430mm

weight: 8kg

12 month warranty


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"The Steroriser"

We held a competition to come up with a better name for this machine than "UVC Sanitiser" for the chance to win one.

Congratulations to Matt Booker of Henderson Opticians, who gave us "The Steroriser", and is now the proud owner of a free "Steroriser"!

Our thanks to everyone else who submitted an entry.

While the competition may be over, "The Steroriser" is still available for just £530. Order now.

| "The Magic Box" | "COVI-Killer" | "FrameZAP!" | "Framey McFrame-Face" | "Clean-U-Stuff" | "The Isolation Chamber" | 

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