VIPx will help you to

build stronger relationships with your patients,

inspire them to enjoy wearing several pairs of specs and

encourage them to take the very best care of their eyes.

So you can enjoy working smarter instead of harder.

Discover how VIPx will work in your practice.

VIPx has been created to keep cash flowing into your bank account even when your practice has nobody to recall, is in a recession or even in another lockdown!

"I thought VIPx was a brilliant idea when I heard about it, but couldn't have done it without Andy and the Practice Building team. Everything from the marketing, the guidance, the systems and the back-office platform were provided to us; all I needed to bring was the motivation!"


Elliot Bateman

Discover how VIPx will work in your practice.

What’s included?


                   Strategy review with a PB coach

                   DD cashflow planning spreadsheet

                    6 monthly review and planning session

Eyecare Payment Plan Promotion

                    Full Marketing Kits

                    Fee Calculator for Px sign up

                     Ts and Cs with digital sign up

Eyewear Payment Plan Promotion

                  Monthly "Look and Lenses" Campaigns with comprehensive media kits.

                  Interest Free Credit T&Cs with digital sign up

Staff Training in an Online Training Portal

                        Intro to VIPx

                        The VIPx Customer Journey

                        VIPx Eyecare Plans

                        "The Look and the Lenses" Marketing System

                        "The Look and The Lenses" Sales System

VIPx Database Marketing Platform

                       Highly secure state-of-the-art platform

                        Your database remains under your control - always.

            Bespoke landing page for sign ups

                        Reduce unsubscribes with 3 list opt in / out

                        Patients choose their product update options

Target specific products to the most interested patients

GDPR Compliance

Landing page to accept Ts and Cs for Eyecare Plan

Landing page to accept Ts and Cs for Interest free credit

Includes 2 email campaigns a month

Create your communications plan with the aid of a PB Coach

 Select your messages from the VIPx campaign library

 Use any of your Prêt Campaigns

  Create bespoke messages*

                          Option to add extra campaigns*

                          Option to add SMS or Postcard to all campaigns*

                          Ability to identify individual branches in a group

                          Create branch or group specific broadcasts

                                                                                                     *additional fees may apply

Give it a Try

Visit Billy Mo our entirely fictitious practice and join Club Mo.

Then keep an eye on your inbox.

VIPx is available exclusively to PB Gold Club Members for an additional fee of just £295 plus VAT per month for the entire package and up to 2,500 people in your VIPx database. As your list grows this monthly fee will increase by just £50 for every additional 2,500 names.


The fees are based on a per brand basis so if you have more than one location you will only need one VIPx platform providing they all use the same name and brand rules.


We can build this platform for just a few practices at a time and the builds are scheduled on a first come first served basis.


Let’s get going – It’s never too soon to build an ongoing stream of profit.


VIPx has the potential to significantly grow your productivity, profitability and peace of mind...

and we do nearly all of the work for you.

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